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Legal Consulting Services in Norway

Advokat Cathrine Strøm Veiby is famous legal consultant services provider in Norway. we works mainly with family, heritage and shift law, and has an office relationship with law firm Bentzen AS. We have lawyers with various specialties and can help you with issues like contract law, family law, legacy law, cultivation law and generational change. The workplace group helps entrepreneurs in different issues inside, for instance, property improvement, corporate advancement, activity and administration of land, buying and selling business land, due steadiness forms regarding business land and significant acquisitions.

“Advokat Cathrine Strøm Veiby” started in last 3 year and is located at Storgata 28 A 2750 Gran, Norway. We are always high quality services and we can guarantee that you get the best services with us. So recently we lunched consultant service through host website ” Advokat Cathrine Strøm Veiby ” which is hosted by Onlive Server which is top server hosting company that has different-2 servers just like VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and much more at different-2 price in Norway location. We come with multiple opportunities to your customers with the products and services.

We also help with tax and tax issues. In steering, we can be your adviser and conversation partner. We have high experience in real estate and assist both private and business owners in the sale of real estate. There are many different consultant services available these days and it is a very popular sector to work in. But here you can various offers for consulting services in Norway at cheap cost.